Day 25: long swim day

Massive pancakesA couple of surprising things happened today:

  • the long swim (160 lengths/ 4km) was faster than I expected, despite hitting an ‘it it over yet’ period at 92 lengths
  • I couldn’t eat my beloved post swim pancakes, only managed half the plate, when I used to be able to eat all of them


Breakfast: Pancakes with banana and bacon (less than 1/2 portion)
Lunch: chicken salad and a few chunky chips
Dinner: gammon & veg, ice cream

Exercise: 4km swim

I am beginning to like this long swim. It’s mind emptying, therapeutic, just swimming. I use a lap counter, and no longer need to check the lengths, I know by feel roughly how far I am through the session. I look when I am beginning to get a bit fed up. This is usually around 120 /152.

Today the lanes were all busy – I went a little earlier than usual. I got in along with a man and his son, as all the other lanes didn’t seem suitable, pace wise. This wasn’t too much bother, the man was roughly the same speed and I could easily get around the son.

I just swam, this time remembering the contact lenses, which meant I could see the clock! I know how long it takes so I just swim, think of whatever pops into my head, and just go. I had sorted out all the dilemmas of transition in challenge Wanaka, problem solved an issues client has with his swim, planned a few things, solved a few other things that were bothering me, and was still swimming. I’m one of the longest swimmers in the pool, usually see swimmers come and go, in fact usually several. I get looks, I don’t care. I just keep swimming.

Today my ‘is it over yet’ moment came at 92 lengths, that’s still a long way to go – not quite 2/3 through. Urgh! I focused on stepping out of mooch, but my mind did wander at times. I was,therefore, surprised that I managed a decent time with within the high side of the usual average. Means I know I can go faster still.

Then there was the pancakes. I used to LOVE these, and enjoy polishing them off. It’s amazing how fast your appetite and taste changes. Today I could barely get through even 1/2. It as too big and far too sweet. Still, a good sign that my taste buds are still behaving the right way.

I’m not feeling too hopeful about this weeks progress, it has probably slowed, but hell, you cannot live on lettuce leaves can you now!?

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