Take a moment in time to chillax

Beach Today we took advantage of ‘free for all Friday’, just a day early! We invited friends round for dinner this evening. And although I’m not going all out chocolate, I’m also not married to a lettuce leaf, and yes, I had a good time!


Breakfast: fruit smoothie
Lunch: humus and flat bread, handful of dates
Dinner: chips n dips, steak casserole and mash, home made rhubarb crumble, 2x wine

Exercise: none

St Mary's Today was a ‘take a break’ day for me. I needed to stop, sit and rest. It’s been a stressful week at work. So I found a space in town, close to the bike shop, where I had to go after work, and just sat. I love to sit and not think of anything. I just relax and let thoughts wander into my head. On this occasion it was my mum. I was sitting near to St Mary’s Basilica, a Catholic Church built in 1905, and now a protected heritage building.

The cross on the top was looking down on me and reminded me of mum. She was an avid church goer. So I wrote her this poem that I overlaid onto the photo.

This evenings meal was a nice break from the norm, and lovely to just relax and chat. It’s been a while since I did that, I need to do it more often. Thanks to all for making it a pleasurable evening. 4km swim scheduled for tomorrow morning.


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