Day 23: the hazards of coaching!

Mel and Ben You know you must be doing something right as a coach when….

…you go out for a wee ‘easy’ ride with your client just as a bit of fun and he leaves you for dust.. before he even starts trying!


Breakfast: Berry and fruit smoothie
Lunch: Flatbread with humous and an apple
Dinner: hake, veg and mash

Exercise: 40 min bike ride

I had put this ride off for a few days. I didn’t want to get into a negative pattern so I decided I would do it this afternoon, come what may. The problem was, it started raining, quite persistently, having not done so for quite a while: greasy roads.

Ben decided to come with me. I decided to shorten it to 40 mins, as the rain was getting heavier. I was in fact reminded at this stage that I had turned into a Southlander and was not in fact made of sherbet. So off we went. Tut! The problem was, it was immediately obvious that his cruise was not my cruise. Good grief he’s come a long way. I have been coaching him for well over a year but haven’t ridden with him due to geographical complications (I live in the southern hemisphere and he lives in the Northern hemisphere!) and what I saw blew me away.

In 2013 Ben contacted me with a wild goal: he couldn’t swim, hadn’t ridden, just bought a bike and wanted to do IMUK less than 12 months away. This crazy ambition made me say yes to coaching him.

In less than a year, he has gone from a distinctly average cyclist who I would have powered past with ease, to a strong solid biker who can easily hold a 35-40kmph average. All the stats in the world never make up for seeing pure solid progress in the flesh.

At the end of the ride (once I had stopped wheezing!) I was overcome with emotion. I was so proud of what he had already become, the incredible improvements he has made in all areas, and the endless possibilities that lie within his incredible ambition still to come.

Thank you Ben, for making me a very proud (if not a little tired) coach.

I’m incredibly proud of what you have, and will continue to achieve.

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