A funny thing happened on the way to the swimming pool..

Funny_wallpapers_Ocean_Swim_endurance_025900_Well, it wasn’t on the way, it was while I was in there, but the title sounded better! I went to the pool for a swim, a client came too, but didn’t have a session booked with me, he was doing his own thing in the adjacent lane.

I didn’t have anything particular in mind for my set, but I do know that I have to work on my mooch, because it mooches a little too much! So anyway, I was swimming up and down. I couldn’t help but glance across to see how he was getting on. A bit like analysing a runners gait as they run past your position in the coffee shop? I knew he wouldn’t mind if I stopped him, so would give periodic suggestions and feedback amongst my own swimming sets. I decided that drills and short sprints was best to fit in around this, not the plan originally, but I didn’t actually have a plan.

He constantly said he felt bad that I was stopping for him. At the end he asked how was my set. Ah ok, not as expected but ok, was what I said.

Then I walked away and thought about that. I didn’t expect anything, I already said that. So what was I talking about?! Then I thought some more. A reflection on the last hour was:

Awesome, he learned a tumble turn while he was there, improved his elbow position and the kick is getting better. I’m so chuffed for him.

Look at that for a moment. I didn’t factor in there anywhere. What happened there?

I became a coach, that’s what happened there. I’m not sure what point in the past it happened, but I did.

A number of years ago when coaching was first suggested to me by others, my first thought had always been for myself and how it would impact on my own training. I clearly wasn’t ready back then.

At some point, without noticing, not only did I become ready, but I turned into a coach. And I’m not talking about the qualifications either.

That’s why I do what I do. I take pleasure from facilitating other people’s successes.

Thank you, to all my clients. 🙂

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