Day 22: switching up the swim set

Splash palace Today I was actually quite proud of myself. I managed to not buy coffee and a cake despite wanting to and managed to best use a swim session and adapt on the spot. Good flexibility and best use of time. 


Breakfast: scrambled egg
Lunch: small rice salad and an apple
Dinner: home made lasagne (sadly couldn’t find large eggplant for making it a moussaka)

Exercise: 1 hour swim, drills, sprints and pace practice

I used today’s session (which, proudly I managed to also teach a client to tumble turn at the same time!) to practice moving out of my mooch phase. I realised yesterday during my ‘race’ at Lake Hayes, that I have much more than I am using, and need to step it up a bit. Amongst that, I was working drills, a few sprints to switch the pace up and teaching someone in the next lane to tumble turn all at the same time.

Ben is a client that I coach in the UK who is visiting NZ at the moment, so is grabbing some valuable coaching time while he can. We went from no idea to a good solid tumble turn is a super short space of time. Nice work Ben! And I got a swim in also, which actually forced me to chop it up and use my time differently. Nothing better than variation, that’s what I say!

Pretty pleased with the hour’s work. 🙂

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