Courage is a muscle: strengthen it!

Quote A lot of people tell me how brave I am, to have done what I have done. I disagree. I haven’t done anything that anyone else couldn’t have done. It’s all just about courage and self belief. Anyone could do it, including you.

One mind is our only limiter in life. You are limited by what you perceive to be possible. What if anything was in fact possible? What if you could have anything you wanted (being realistic here!) in life, what would that be?

Now take your goals and make a plan. What steps could you take to actually make those happen for you? Small steps, that move you towards your goal?

Recently I have done this. For me, it was my job. I consider a job to be singularly one of the most important decision you will make, you spend so much of your life there, you need to be happy. When I chose education, I was happy. But another thing we must face, we change, as we grow and move through life. That’s nothing bad, it just is. I have changed, my life values have changed and so my life decision must change.

I left teaching because I no longer feel it’s what I want to do. That in itself takes courage. We spend too much time stuck in familiar surroundings and I know many many teacher that still are teachers just because they feel they are not able to do anything else. Simple small steps. I moved to a job that takes up less of my time, but pays the bills. The time I have spare I use for re training. The path is going well. Very soon I will be able to start advertising in my new role as a personal trainer. Then, I hope for one to take over, so I can quit the other job. Small steps, but manageable ones.

So, what’s your new goal?

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