Day 21: Lake Hayes swim event

Lake HayesToday is another simply stunning day in Southland: 28 degrees, beautiful wall to wall sunshine, no wind at all (rare!), the perfect weather for an open water swim event!


Breakfast: porridge
Lunch: pancakes with bacon and banana
Dinner: BBQ meat and salad, ice cream for desert

Exercise: 2.4km open water swim

Body fat loss this week: 5lb (2.2kg)
Total body fat loss so far: 10lb (4.5kg)

Today’s swim was easily one of the most stunning swim events I have ever done. Lake Hayes is the home of Wakatipu rowing club, today it was like swimming in an open water much more scenic swimming pool. Glassy calm water, mountains either side when I turned to breathe: I can’t describe how breathtakingly beautiful it was.

I never intended this to be a ‘race’ and I joined Foveaux Masters swim club just because the entry costs for non members meant it would be cheaper than not joining. It was quickly apparent that although most of these people weren’t experienced open water swimmers however they were all competitive pool swimmers I imagine: my ‘decent for me’ pace was nowhere near sufficient and I was left for dead pretty much! There lies the hazards of coming into individual sports from being a triathlete: jack of all trades, master of none!

Still, I didn’t care one jot because the swim was so pleasant, I actually wanted to do it all again! I was just getting warmed up on the return leg of the straight out and back course and could have carried on for at least one more lap!

Still, I can rest easy in the knowledge that my sighting and course navigation was better than most, heck, everyone else must have done a good few more hundred meters than me, they were all over the place – and that was just what I could see! Mark says it was much worse from his view on the shore!

Superb day, shame I don’t have fresh water lakes nearby, I much prefer it to sea swimming!

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