Day 20: Baking hot Saturday

Salad lunch Today was one of the hottest days this summer so far, in my opinion. So hot it was almost too hot to do anything but melt! The thermometer in the centre of town was still reading 27 degrees at 7pm!


Breakfast: scrambled egg
Lunch: ham and cheese salad, dates and few nuts as a snack
Dinner: small portion of pasta bolognese and salad, fruit and natural yoghurt

Exercise: None

it was simply soooo hot I couldn’t bear to go for a ride. I will do it tomorrow afternoon when I’m back from Queenstown. Meanwhile, I’ll do my TRX first thing tomorrow before we leave. I spent this morning recovering from yesterday, which was a long day: up at 3:30am and to bed by 00:00, with a trip to Auckland and back in the middle, and some study! Rest is good too! In fact, rest is essential!

team MarbelTomorrow I have a swimming event in Lake Hayes, an open water 2000m. I have no idea if it’s a race or not, it’s not for me! Lake Hayes is close to Queenstown, after which I am collecting Ben from the airport, he’s over to visit for just over a month, and make up the third member of team MARBEL for challenge Wanaka. It will be super cool to be part of. Mark has even found me a day spa to go and relax in while I wait for the team to finish!

Shorts I bought recently are loosening – which is a fabulous sign 😀

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