Day 18: me and buster on the river

Oreti river Today was a beautiful sunny day. I took advantage of the stillness and went for a singles row up the river.


Breakfast: scrambled egg with feta and ham
Lunch: flat bread and humous, apple. Handful nuts
Dinner: lamb casserole and bulgur wheat, caramelised pineapple and natural yoghurt

Exercise: 1 hour singles row on the river

I was the only person out there this afternoon. I love that. The tide was incoming, so heading up river meant a harder row home against the tide. The wind was light, just enough to break the surface up a little, different to the mirror glass surface of last time. What this meant was when I stopped for a moment, the rippling surface of the water looked like a million small starts twinkling, as the sun glistened on the waters surface. Magical.

I am feeling good in a single now. It’s nice to get out, just me, although I am aware I also need to go out with the masters too! I have masters straight lines and steering, I am feeling confident, and don’t need to swing round half as much, as I have sorted how to line up the boat and follow the wake. I think I would agree to a singles race, if presented with the option. Now I need to practice starts on my next few outings. 🙂

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