Strength = lean: why the gym is important

Fat v muscle I see this mistake so much, spotted this picture and thought it illustrated it beautifully.

When New Years resolutions are made, they often say ‘weight loss’, it’s how people talk when they say they are going on a ‘diet’. That’s not actually what we mean though. 

Another incorrect perception is that weight training will make you bigger. No. Building muscle in effect Hess to strengthen your metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more effective your metabolism is at burning fat. Therefore, you are more likely to be able to stay lean.

fat-v-muscleThe thing to remember here though is the difference between the weight of muscle and the weight of fat.

Have a look at this. This is why, when you start to exercise, you may not see any difference on the readings on the scales. The best way to measure overall changes in body composition is through skin folds, (for this you will need an exercise professional) or measuring yourself (bicep, thigh, waist, hips) and comparing the difference in inch loss.

So get to the gym, and stay lean!

I visit a couple of times a week. My visits only last 20 minutes or so and I usually pop in on the way home from work.

Here is what I usually do. I use cable machines, due to my knee injury, as this is safer for me. I do 3 x 6 reps, heavy weights, to failure.

  • Bicep / tricep
  • Quad / ham
  • Leg press
  • chest press
  • Shoulder raise

Short, simple, yet covers all the areas. I frequently change the weight, and sometimes switch the number of reps.

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