Day 17: long swim

Splash palace Today I actually successfully managed to achieve what I had intended yesterday, it’s handy when you get the afternoon off.


Breakfast: strawberry, kiwi fruit and grape smoothie
Lunch: small piece Spanish omelette, flat bread and humous, a few dates, apple
Dinner: pasta bolognese

Exercise: 4km pool swim, protein bar snack and water afterwards

The long swim

When I arrived, the pool timetable said that I had around 1 hour 15 minutes before lessons started. I prefer the deep end of the pool, beyond the bulk head, because a lot less people tend to be down there, and those that are are there to swim, not mess about.

That amount of time isn’t quite long enough usually, so I set off with purpose, in my new ‘BIG RUBY’ swim cap (which is fab and stayed on really well!). I had no one in the lane, and no one around me for distractions, so I was able to focus on the efficiency of my stroke and getting the most out of each pull. I didn’t have my contact lenses in (no time for that!) so couldn’t see the clock. I checked the watch when I had just short of 100 to go. I looked at my watch, it will be cutting it fine. I continued to work hard.

Then someone got in the next lane and decided racing me would be fun. Fartlek it is then, love! (Yep, I won each one!) Glad she didn’t stay long! The next guy was so slow, I cld do 4.5 lengths to one of his! Anyway, back to the point.

Luckily, at 3:30pm the swim club did not come, like the sign said. Lucky because I still had 10 lengths to do! Overall decent time, a we minutes under my usual, and miles inside my race day maximum cut off. All’s well here then!

I remembered the hunger this time, and had a protein bar in my bag for afterwards. It was just as well really, because I could have eaten an entire chocolate shop! That’s the problem with eating lean, all fuel is used up, and refuelling is essential, immediately after big sessions.

It’s been a good day. 🙂

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