Day 16: work work work

BusyThere’s some days where things just don’t go to plan, today was one of them. I planned a nice 4km swim after work, leaving me plenty of time to get home and construct dinner. It wasn’t to be so.


Breakfast: raspberry, kiwi fruit and grape smoothie
Lunch: small portion of Kumara salad, handful dates, apple.
Dinner: home made Spanish omelette, banana split with yoghurt

Exercise: none

Today I had an incredibly out of character busy day at work that started really early in the day. Coupled with an unexpectedly long afternoon meeting, I didn’t actually get home till around 3 hours after I originally planned, without having managed to make it to the pool at all.

Life is what it is. I’m not that happy about it but hey ho. We were tempted to go for battered cod and frozen chips, quick and easy and left overs we still have in the freezer. But, dinner like that can only come after at least one exercise session in the day, so that was ruled out with my sensible head on.

We made a Spanish omelette instead, something slightly different.

Beautiful, and it feels much better to be back on track. I’m sure part of it is psychological!

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