Day 13: a cancelled race and an odd thought

Ruby swim exit
Ruby Island

Today’s food wasn’t as usual, just as I expected. And, sadly, my Big Ruby swim race was postponed due to high winds. Now it clashes with the tri, so I won’t be able to do it any more. That sucks, because I really wanted to.


Breakfast: beans and sausages (1/2, canned), ciabatta roll and salad
Lunch: butter chicken (canned) & ciabatta roll. Sorbet.
Dinner: BBQ meats (various) and pasta.

Exercise: none. Race cancelled.

The one small mercy is it was cancelled before I had a chance to carb load for the long swim, thank goodness.

Shame, because it looks like a stunning venue but seriously the right decision, you could have surfed on those waves!

Mount aspiring road
Mount Aspiring road

So, we went for a drive up Mount Aspiring road instead to check out my bike route, after visiting the toy and transport museum and Wanaka airport.

The museums. Were cool. The toys made us laugh, we recognised a lot of them – that’s when you know you’re old: your stuff is in a museum!

The bike route looks like a serious amount of gradual never ending up, (with a few downs) to the turn point, then the reverse!

Beacon point
Beacon Point

Mark’s run route is a cinder path along the lake to a turn point at a beautiful spot called Beacon Point.

It was really sheltered there, why didn’t they hold the swim there!?

So, Team M&M are ready for the race tomorrow, we collected our packs this afternoon and are hoping the swim isn’t cut short or cancelled tomorrow for the triathlon too.

Team M&M
Team m&M

Oh, and the rain that just arrived can go away too!

Tomorrow, we start at 9:22am, to be precise. All being well! We are the only team to NOT have three members!

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