Day 12: rest and prep

BikeA funny old day. I slept through 13 hours, till 10am, most unusual so I must have needed it. I had decided today was not going to be a training day. If all goes well and the ruby isn’t postponed, I am doing a 3.8km open water swim event tomorrow and the first two legs of an Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday.


Breakfast: scrambled egg with ham
Lunch: rice as grape salad
Dinner: (out) pumpkin and spinach lasagne, salad and fries

Exercise: none

It seems odd dragging out my tri kit again. I pulled out my transition bag and this label was still on it.

Auckland lablI’m still very proud of what I achieved and it was so cool that my last full tri was a world championship.

So I’m all sorted for tomorrow: kit all packed minus the running shoes of course.

This weekend could be tricky though, nutrition wise. We are camping at Wanaka with limited cooking resources. So that combined with the fact that it’s week 2 (usually biggest weight loss in the first week, I am expecting a much smaller loss this week.

That’s ok, this is a marathon, not a sprint! It’s funny though. When I ordered the lasagne and it came with fries, I actually could have just eaten the lasagne and salad. So why did I ear some of the fries too? Come on Mel!!!!

Meals out feel really large now, and I don’t half notice if I eat something out of the ordinary. I also feel more bloated if I eat my next meal before I actually feel rumbly tummy hungry. That’s a rapid change too.

Excited to be open water swimming, the triathlon element seems weird! I’m doing my best to blend in, rather than stand out! Except for the new decals on my bike…

36 days till Wanaka!

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