Day 11: …and relax!

Queens park Today has been a tough and stressful day at work (the other day job not the coaching). That plus not much sleep meant I was doubting whether my plan to swim later was actually wise. I talked myself out of it completely. 

Then I got a grip of myself. What did it matter how slow I was, how long or short it was, what mattered was that I did swim. So I changed my mind and didn’t cancel. I had also realised that I had very little if no carbs yesterday. Oopsie! That wasn’t intentional. No wonder I’m so tired today!


Breakfast: kiwi fruit and banana smoothie
Lunch: rice and grape salad, apple, some nuts
Dinner: Tuscan chicken with new potato mash and roast vegetables, fruit smoothie

Exercise: 40 minute easy swim

I just got in and swam. I am glad I had no agenda because 1/2 the pool was closed for the synchro squad training, and 1/2 the other end had kids floats in it, leaving just three lanes. Luckily, the lane I chose had only one person in it who got out just after I got in. Then I had the lane to myself for the remainder.

I had no agenda at all, I just swam. I swam to relieve the stress, like a steady run. I swam and swam until I felt better, then looked at my watch. I had already covered 1600m. A pleasant stress free dip in cool water, on what was a rather humid day. 🙂

Not a bad day quoteThen I sat in the park. I mentioned recently that I had neglected this ‘me time’ moment so I found a bench, and just sat there and chilled out, watched the world go by and unwound.

I rescued what I could easily been a series of events that got the better of me. Everything is a choice, and today I chose to relax and disengage. I needed that this afternoon.

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