Wake up and live!

HappinessPick a random word and do a google image search on it. Check out the 11th picture and write about whatever it brings to mind’.

This was the 9th and my word was ‘happiness’. I tried ‘fun’ which was the first word to mind, I didn’t like the images though.

This was in fact the 11th picture, I much preferred the 9th though! Besides, I think I have used the 11th before.

Happy This one says stand out from the crowd to me, create your own happiness don’t let others get you down.

The first one I used in this post though, speaks louder to me.

‘Wake up and live’ symbolises what happened to me the day my mum died. We actually, probably over the course of time following the day that my mum died. I realised, like someone had lifted a veil, that so much time in my life had been wasted up till now. Time wasted doing things I do not like, choosing unhappiness, limiting myself, not putting myself first and not chasing my own dreams.

I vowed from then on, to live life for the now and never to waste a moment. This is exactly what I have done. The most major two things to illustrate that are these: I now live in a beautiful country and I am working towards having the self employed job I always dreamed of but never had the guts to go and create.

Life is what you make of it. Don’t waste a moment, because you do not know how many more of them you might have.

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