Day 10: take a chill pill Mel!

Chill pill I realised today that I actually need to calm down and take a moment. I am cramming a lot into my spare time, I must remember my little ten minute ‘me time rule’ I set myself last year.


Breakfast: scrambled egg
Lunch: ham salad with basil pesto humus
Dinner: home made moussaka, slice home made low fat lemon cake

Exercise: 30 min TRX routine in the garden

I was busy today, between work shifts. I am trying hard to get the PT course finished, today I think I have done all my written assignments. I finished off the last one that needed to be done and sent it in. I am waiting for some other assignments to be marked, but I feel happy that it’s all in.

Tomorrow I am taking an ‘afternoon off’. No study. I will go for a wee swim after work, then chillax and do nothing. I think it’s about time, I have worked hard this week on all my off time. Too much work makes Jack a dull boy!

It was nice today, training in the garden, looking up at the sky 🙂

I was in town today at the dentist after work. After my appointment, I fancied a coffee. I walked around for a bit to see if it was just a fad. I still fancied a coffee.

CoffeeI went into Starbucks and ordered one. Usually I would have some type of cake with it. Surprisingly I had no desire to buy anything sweet at all.

I was perfectly happy with my coffee, and off I went back to the car.

Things are definitely changing, and that’s a good thing 🙂 it’s like anything, sugar, coffee, it’s a drug. Go cold turkey, get past the first week or so and things get much much easier. 😀

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