Day 9: leftover sufferfest turbo

Turbo Today was another busy work and admin day. But, I stuck to the plan, just like I said yesterday.


Breakfast: kiwi fruit and banana smoothie
Lunch: tiny remainder of sausage casserole and small piece of bacon and egg pie, apple
Dinner: Tuscan chicken and bulgur wheat

Exercise: 40 mins on turbo trainer with the sufferfest

Chicken and bulgur wheat

I wasn’t sure what exercise I was going to do or have time for today. Yesterday’s blog said turbo so that was always my backup. It was too windy for rowing, outdoor swimming or cycling, so turbo it is I guess!

The turbo wasn’t hard core hard core, as I was talking to hubby as he was trying to fix the car, but I’m happy I worked well on the switches of speed, which I do using cadence, rather than gear change. It’s something I have started doing on the stationary bike to try and simulate track cycling.

I kind of felt a bit bleurgh with my eating today. I know that I have had more carbs than recently, I think it’s in my head though. I had the left over sausage casserole, basically a titchy portion, so with it I added a wee piece of the pie I made. It also helped me to ensure I didn’t miss the exercise plan!

Isn’t it strange how quickly your mind changes, and how quickly you get back in touch with how food actually makes you feel?

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