Monday thought – reinvent yourself!

Reinvent yourself One of the most memorable things I have seen on a gym wall was a poster in the gym I went to in England. It asked the question why is you keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

Its so right. Life is the same. I hear a lot of people remarking on how brave I am for all the bold changes I have made in my life, both the move, and the career changes amongst many other things. I don’t think so particularly. I am just looking at it like this: life is short, and I only get one chance, so what’s the point moaning, why not get out and MAKE things happen?

I have had to reinvent myself a few times for sure. I turned myself into an athlete, from being overweight. I had to then reinvent myself again when I was forced to retire. I reinvented myself once again when I chose to give up teaching and pursue a career change, including retraining, to enable me to work in a field that I enjoy.

I know and have worked with a lot of teachers who really don’t want to do it any more, but won’t leave because they don’t think they can do anything else. I’m sure those people exist in every profession.

Why settle for anything less that what you would love to be doing? Why settle for anything less than pure happiness?

Life is out there, for YOU to create.

Make YOUR book worth reading.

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