Day 8: study day

natural_weight_loss_foods_000Here we are at the start of a new week, and unfortunately, my bike ride afternoon didn’t quite go to plan. Instead I ended up sorting out a whole lot of administrative business instead, so I decided to use my remaining time between work shifts to study.

I have only got a few assignments left to complete before I go to Auckland next week to meet my tutor and complete the last of the practical assignments. I’m keen to get the Personal Trainer course finished so I can get the next stage of my plans underway and get started as a PT. Therefore I’m sure my fitness won’t suffer for a day while I get a little more work done. I actually got two of my final four assignments done, so I’m happy.

It’s all about adaptation.

Today’s Nutrition:

Breakfast Kiwi fruit and apple smoothie with mixed seeds.
Lunch Ham salad and an apple.
Dinner Home made kedgeree (smoked fish with spiced brown rice) plus slice home made low fat lemon cake.

Exercise: none

Still feeling good, didn’t feel hungry at all today till just before dinner. Some of the assignments are detailed so I’m pleased I got two more done. Almost there. 🙂

Tomorrow’s plan is to do a short sharp bike ride after I’m done with work and meetings, either outside or turbo.

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