Day 7: week 1 weigh in results

What's in my trolley?
What’s in my trolley?

So it’s been 7 whole days since the Ryding household embarked on the eat me lean campaign. How are we doing?

We started today with a weigh in, because it was first thing Sunday morning that we took our initial weights.

Nutrition today:

breakfast: omelette
lunch: small slice home made bacon and egg pie, with tomatoes
Dinner: home made sausage casserole (to use up the sausages!)

Exercise: 1 hour swim at the local pool

My weight loss, day 1-7: 3.17kg (7lb)

We were both pleasantly surprised by the results this week. Hubby said he was really surprised with his results too, as he didn’t think we had done much different. What have we changed? Erm.. Everything?! We have made some drastic changes to our diet, I knew it could be done, but it’s the first time we have done it together. It’s nice to have each other’s support. I said that the reason he thinks there isn’t much change, is because we have not gone really strict low fat, we have kept it real, and kept it healthy and sensible.

A lot of people seem to think that losing excess body fat means ‘dieting’, which is a word that has become associated with hunger, pain, a list of cannots, something that starts and ends. Diet purely means ‘what we eat’ and in our case all we did is exercise sense. We still had our sweet treats, (and it was horrible!) we still had wine, I still make pies, but we MAKE things. We know everything that goes into our meals because we make them all.

We have cut out:

  • bread
  • white rice
  • beer
  • chocolate
  • biscuits and sweets
  • anything pre cooked
  • breakfast cereal
  • pasta

We have cut back on:

  • coffee
  • consumption of potatoes

We have increased:

  • Vegetables, all fresh
  • Fresh home cooking
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Green tea
  • consumption of water
  • consumption of proteins – meats

We have changed:

  • to full fat milk
  • butter, not margarine
  • to brown rice

Next week I need to get some protein bars. Now that I am eating and fuelling properly, I don’t half miss them after training, something I didn’t notice before I adjusted my diet back again. Now I come away from training absolutely starving, and optimum refuelling needs to take place within 20 minutes of exercise, then a main meal within an hour.

Week one complete, feeling good 🙂

Next week: Big Ruby swim Saturday (3.8km OW), then Sovereign olympic distance triathlon (1500m/40km/10km) on Sunday, with hubby as the runner.

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