Day 4: positivity and low fat desert

Bike Hardly noticed there was anything different today, the shock change is beginning to abate and my stomach is evening out! I am starting to feel less hungry, good to know that I’m adapting so soon. 


Breakfast: 2 eggs / ham scrambled eggs (our own eggs)
Lunch: Flatbread & chicken in sundried tomato sauce, banana
Dinner: ham and cheese salad, home made fruit and rice desert

Exercise: 35min TT paced bike ride

I squeezed a lovely bike ride in today between work appointments, it was blissful to power along in the sunshine. I didn’t quite have the time I had hoped, so I chose a shorter route but rode it at a slightly higher intensity to make up for it.

Eyes smile
Today’s smile: eyes

We were getting bored with the yoghurt deserts so I went in search of a low fat desert that I could make, to follow our salad dinner. This is fruity rice sundae and it was really nice, quick and simple. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

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