Day 3: Protein dinner

Pamper This is my smile photo today: a 20 min eyebrows appointment on my way home – mini pamper.

The no junk plan is going well.

Todays nutrition:

Breakfast: peach and pineapple smoothie
Lunch: rice salad and an apple. Mixed nuts
Dinner: Tuscan spiced chicken and stir fry veg. Fruit salad and natural yoghurt.

Exercise: None. Busy studying

Today I actually haven’t noticed hunger that much. I felt hungry before lunch and before dinner, but that’s normal. Well, it hasn’t been for me, till lately. Although I am fully aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, today I decided to take it with me to work and have it a little later, 8:30am rather than 6:30am. This worked nicely because I then didn’t feel really hungry prior to lunch.

I had a list of things I needed to get done, so I chose TRX because it is best use of limited time. It’s also a pleasure to go into the garden to do it. Sadly though I didn’t get time. I am working hard to get my courses completed, and I made huge headway today which is good.

I’m pleased that I got my last three assignments done prior to the final practicals to complete my personal trainer course. That makes me feel incredibly happy.

I need to get thinking about a better supermarket trolley this weekend, so I am not just using natural yoghurt for my smoothies, and so I can vary my veg. We used chicken for tea and deliberately didn’t add potatoes. But when it was served it looked like it needed a sauce. Really quickly we made one from a dash of Dijon mustard, lime juice and maple syrup. It actually tasted really nice! I would recommend it, specially if the chicken was cooked in it.


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