Common Q/A for a personal trainer

Personal trainerThere’s always some similar questions and answers that a personal trainer gets asked. Everyone wonders, some ask me, some don’t. Over the years I find I answer the same questions, to different people.

Here are four common questions I get asked.

I have been training for 2 weeks now, why haven’t I lost any weight?

You have most likely been drinking more water,”. If you are new to training, you are probably gaining muscle and losing weight, and muscle weighs more than fat, scales aren’t a good indication, measuring the inches / skin folds are better.

If I want to lose weight should I just do cardio?

The best way is a combination I both. Developing more muscle means your body has a higher basal metabolic rate meaning it becomes a more efficient fat burning engine.

If I want a flat stomach, should I just do sit ups?

There is no such thing in spot reducing . To lose fat we need to train our entire body. Often the abdomen is the last place we lose fat, specially women.

My legs were really sore and stiff after me session, why?

This is due to DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. When you start an exercise programme or increase the intensity it is common to experience sore, achy tired muscles for a couple of days. As you adapt to training this will lessen. It is basically the small tears in the muscle fibres as you build and strengthen them, and your body adapting to the new load.

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