Day 2: fruit and 4km

QuoteI would challenge anyone who doesn’t consider walking to be ‘fitness. Today I can certainly feel that my glutes did some work yesterday, from the yomping up and down the hill at Mores Reserve. I have to say, while I was still running, I didn’t notice it as much. I know I am still active and all, I do aqua jogging at times, although not regularly, and find it relatively easy, walking now gives me some DOMS that I notice more than I used to. It’s a great exercise for those who cannot deal with the high impact of running (like me and my poorly knees). Because I also use my poles, my triceps took a while to chillax when I went for a swim later too!

Todays nutrition:

Breakfast: boysenberry and apple smoothie (made with natural yoghurt)
Lunch: small portion of the rice salad I made yesterday + apple
Dinner: omelette with tomato, feta and chopped bacon

Exercise: 4km pool swim. (Electrolyte drink and protein bar afterwards)

All sorts of things happened today that almost scuppered my swim plans. I suddenly had an unexpected meeting at the same time as the planned swim. When I was done, I almost decided swimming would be fruitless because there was no time. In order to get 4km in, I need to start at 2pm or be out before the swimming lessons. Then I remembered shorted and increase intensity, be adaptable Mel. I went to the pool anyway, around 45 min behind the planned schedule. The staff told me there were no lessons. Perfect, I thought. I might have time for the 4km.

When I got into the pool, there was an inflatable, a synchro squad, app qua joggers and the diving boards were open. Damn. Only 3 lanes. There’s usually a lot more than that, all of the time. There were at least two in each lane too. Busy for Invercargill.

Deciding what distance to do

I got in, making it three in the lane. Perhaps I won’t swim 4km after all, this could be too frustrating. I set off deciding I would see how it goes. There was a guy doing breast stroke – walking, most odd. Luckily he got out shortly afterwards, as did the woman doing breast stroke.

For around 100 lengths, I had the lane to myself. I carried on planning to do the 4km because every one got out. Therapeutic up and down, quite relaxing. Then in came 3 people all at once. Darn it. Could they not wait till I was done!? One guy was doing freestyle at around the same pace, a woman was doing breast stroke (but was letting me past without any trouble) and a girl in a bikini, hmmm.

The traffic

She was trying to race me, or piss me off, I couldn’t decide which. She wild set off directly in front of me, slow me down and not let me past. That’s ok. Suddenly I was required to fartlek swim. No bother. Imagine its a race, Mel. So each time she set off in my way, I simply slalomed down the lane and round her. I had to do this four times before she eventually got out, as did the breast stroking woman. Nice, only 10 lengths to go!

I finished in a decent time, despite not knowing what I would do when I set off down my first length! Sweet 🙂 I also realised that I was low on electrolytes and fuel after the swim, I got an electrolytes drink and ate a protein bar within the hour. I haven’t needed to do that for ages. Because I was eating so much extra junk I never needed to. Oops.

Positive spectators

Today's smile
Today’s smile

11 days till my 3.8km Wanaka swim race, and I’m glad I stayed in the pool today, looking at those white caps! A lovely woman spoke to me as I got out, asking me how many lengths I had done. She had been watching her granddaughter have scuba diving lessons. She was surprised at my reply: 160, and said I must be dedicated, commenting that I was beautiful to watch, gliding up and down for so long. It’s become normal to me, but times like these do remind me that I am actually still very fit.


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