Wording resolutions to guarantee success

Determination to succeedNo goal was ever achieved by committing in a half assed way. If you want to be sure you achieve your new years resolutions, you need to be committed to them 100%.

Write them down in first person format. Make them time specific, and most important – measurable.

‘By the end of the year I want to be happier’ isn’t a goal you can measure. How will you know what happier is? Happier than what? What are you defining as happy?

A better goal would be

‘I will make life choices that are happiness motivated’.

This is one of my goals this year. With this goal, I can evaluate each choice I am faced with, and decide which option creates me the most personal happiness. I know when I have achieved it because I will have made a choice, each time I am required to. It is time specific, and clearly measurable.

Have a look at your resolutions. Now refine them, make them specific to you, measurable, and go get them. 100% commitment = 100% success 🙂

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