Fruit, smiles and salmon!

Mel smile
Mores Reserve, Riverton

Today was day 1 of the new me. I aim to smile once every day, do something I enjoy once every day, and correctly balance nutrition and exercise. Just like I vowed I would.

Today’s nutrition:

Breakfast: kiwi fruit and banana smoothie with natural yoghurt
Lunch: small portion brown rice salad (see Friday’s blog)
Dinner: salmon, Kumara and steamed veg. Natural yoghurt / honey desert with a couple of chunks of pineapple.

Exercise: 1 hour tramping at mores reserve.

I know that cutting the chocolate and sweet deserts, just like last time I did it, will seem like hard work for the first two weeks. Breakfast and lunch is often at work, and on the go, hence the smoothie. I don’t get proper breaks as such.

The tramping was a route we have done before. It’s steep down from the car park to the beach, then the same in reverse. I take poles, because walking and steep paths are hard for me now. The route usually takes 90 mins or more. Today it took less than an hour, which pleased me a lot. Perhaps all that tamping up steep hills on the hump ridge track did me good after all!

Felt strange, I certainly noticed the sugar drop in the diet, but I drank green tea when I felt hungry, or did something else for a while.

Good start IMO. We are looking at holidays in he pacific islands, so I have around 5 months to get this bootie back into shape!

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