Top of each category: most popular posts of 2014

BloggerI thought I would have a look back at the stats for 2014 and see what posts were top hitting: interesting for me when planning future blog topics.

Here are the top 5 of each category:

Most popular posts about me
CSC Muddy buddy 2014
60 second video challenge
Velodrome cycling: trying to be the queen of spin
Make excuses? Join project get me back again
Why it was ok to give up triathlon

Top 5 most popular recipes
Recipe: crushed potato with spring onion and cheese
Recipe: Pasta with chilli tomatoes and spinach
Recipe: spiced Kumara wedges
Recipe: Jerk Chicken with sweet potato salad and red onion salsa
Recipe: Turkish style cous cous

Most popular training tips
Why high elbows for front crawl?
Is it possible to exercise too hard to burn fat?
The ins and outs of ghrelin the hunger hormone
Endurance swim set: 5500m
Plantar fasciitis explained

Most popular nutrition posts
Oat bread v wheat bread: which is better?
Top 20 healthy eating tips
Nigel Latta: sugar is the new fat
Food labels: what to look for
Green tea: herbal stomach settler

Most popular blog of all time
Derren Brown Russian Roulette: how did he do it?

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