Solace, soothing memories on the sea

Sea I love this daily post, the topic today is water, in its many forms. Water is quite special to me for many reasons. I find comfort in it, memories in it, happiness in it.

I have written poetry about how I miss mum, finding stillness, various things that are water related. I am usually sitting by the sea, the lake, the water. Here are a few of the poems so far:

A distant tear
Majestic valleys
Twilight on the river 
I wish
I miss you 

After I lost mum, I found comfort and solace in the sea. I imagine I hear her, even see her whispering to me on the waves. She has never visited New Zealand, had never seen the house we bought here. I struggled to imagine she was watching over me, how would she know where I was? So I went to sit and listen to the sea, in my moments of need.

The sounds of the sea are soothing. The sea touches all continents, water is our life force.

Then suddenly I realised: there she is. She is on the waves, in the wind, all around me. She is the water rippling down streams, the soothing lakes of the Fiords, she surrounds me.

Of course she is watching over me.

Water, rivers, the sea, in whatever form she is there, as are all our memories, surrounding us every day.

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