Long swim Tuesday: lengthy monotony!

Splash palaceToday I decided to swim long. In order to ensure I had completed the full distance I went to the pool. My new swim location, Colac Bay can wait, I want to ease myself into that gently. 4km is no way to explore a new sea swim location!

I was a little under prepared, having had a small lunch, forgotten my water bottle and come straight from work to the pool before heading home. It’s ok, I have swum 4km often enough, I know I will be ok. It’s become my therapeutic, mind emptying long swim.

I met my husband at the pool, he set off aqua jogging (plus soaking in the spa and various other relaxing things) while I swam up and down. I was lucky enough to get a deep end lane to myself the entire time, blissful.

Today I decided to simply swim up and down and not think of anything else. Therapeutic in its repetitiveness. Various others came into the adjacent lanes, then went again. I just continued steady swimming up and down, ignoring the other swimmers racing me, chasing me, passing me, and so on. In the distance I can see the aqua joggers, and the kids are being supervised dive bombing off the dive boards.

I just keep swimming.

I imagine what this distance might look like stretched out in a long line. Like Colac Bay from side to side I guess. I imagine what it might be like swimming in Lake Wanaka, underwater cliffs, what fish will I see? I hope there’s no huge or dangerous ones! I think about how apprehensive I am about new sea swim locations and wonder why. I was fine when I swam in the sea in Eilat and in Australia. Perhaps it’s because I’m alone. I think that’s perhaps what it is. At least it won’t be salt water in Wanaka. I was fine last year at the open water race in Gore, on the back of no OW training. Things will be fine Mel.

Before I have even noticed, I have hit the 100 lengths mark: cool. Just 52 to go. That’s no distance at all. I imagine what it will be like to finish the Wanaka swim, importance of strong legs, don’t get dizzy and fall over leaping out of the lake, and so on. It’s going to be awesome. Wow, I’m almost done.

I actually only started to feel hungry at around 120 lengths, shoulders a little tired but when I finished I actually wasn’t out of breath, probably could have carried on. All good and right within my normal average.

Job done 🙂 Now I need to build up my open water swimming training.

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