Sunny training: making the most of my outdoors

Open road Wide open roads, blue sky, warm sun, what’s not to like about that! So I made time in my afternoon off for some exercise too.

Well, it wasn’t time off, I was actually catching up on coursework. So I’ve nearly finished my PT course now, I’ll be up and running in no time! Can’t wait!

To begin with I started giving myself ‘I don’t have time’ excuses, then I caught myself and had a word with me. It’s a beautiful day, so get yer butt out there!

MelanieSo I set off on the short loop, 16km, and was going to just enjoy myself. Then I noticed my pace was actually not bad, so I decided to push it on a bit.  I gave myself an overall pace target and set about the hard work. It was actually feeling good, the target wasn’t my best, but it’s a start. The cross wind became a headwind on the usual stretch, back to Wallacetown but I kept pushing on, I had the speed difference into the wind down to just 4kmph, much better.

Back onto the highway and I was rolling again. I hit the last wee hill and actually if I wasn’t constantly moving the goal posts I would feel happy. I got back within the target time. Now I have decided that my new target time is 2.5 minutes faster again!

A gym with a view

TRX gardenThis Z trainer is one of the best pieces of kit I have ever been given to test. It allows me to actually have a gym with a helluva view!

So, when I need to save time (it takes 30 min round trip to my gym) I can strap this guy round a tree in the garden and have a superb training surround, and rest seated on the lawn under the shade of the trees surrounded by hollyhocks! I bet not too many people can say that!

And yes, it can be as hard as you like, I actually have tricep DOMS amongst others, the day after. I do this set!

Motivate yourself some more, go into the great outdoors. There’s always something wonderful to experience, from a slightly different ‘training’ perspective. I love it, and particularly miss the long light evenings in winter. Make the most of your daylight hours!

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