My first draft memoir: a sneak preview!

Melanie book cover I have thought about it for a wee while and decided to share my first draft of the prologue to the book that I have decided to start writing.

Many many people have told me that I should write a book about my achievements. I have resisted for a while now, because I have never seen my achievements as particularly special. However it’s time to take a reality check.

I was on national TV, in nationwide newspapers and on local and national radio in England. Many many people have approached me since I made the news.

Perhaps, if I document my journey from fat to the start line of my very first World Championships a part of team GB, it could help inspire more people to achieve their dreams too.

It really is a truthful journey that even I did not expect. And I would like to share the first page. I have never written a book before, although it is on my bucket list! My late mother kept telling me I should write it. I’m just sorry I didn’t get round to it until after she died.

So, here it is. The prologue. Pease do leave comments below to let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you all.

Book prologue

2 Comments on “My first draft memoir: a sneak preview!

  1. You’ve done the most difficult part – you’ve started! Don’t forget what I said about proof reading…line 1! Good luck with the rest.

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