Christmas time is for making happy memories

MemoriesChristmas time can be a sad time for some, as we remember those that are gone, those that cannot be with us. It’s a time when we want to be close to family and friends, those we love. Sometimes this is not always possible.

This is a collage of photos of just a few of the people that are important to me, but that cannot be with me this Christmas. I feel sad that I cannot be with them, but I also feel grateful for what I do have, the happiness that I can still create and the life that I can still lead from this day forwards.

There are always important milestones in our life, and we need to make them into positive milestones. I am filled with happy memories of my mum, although she cannot be here. It is ok to be sad, it is ok to grieve, but it is also ok to be happy too.

Today will still be a family day for me, which I will spend with my husband (after I have finished work that is). I didn’t want to work, but these things have to be done too, so spare a thought for all the other people who have to work on Christmas Day, keeping the world safe, caring for those in need, or whatever their job is that is keeping them away from home.

Happy important times are what you make of them. here’s hoping you lay down some happy memories this Christmas period.

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