Paint on the Happiness!

Trio This last trio post of 2014 was actually quite simple for me today.

Here in the photo trio we have Pharell Williams, my relocated bookcase and a cracked panel heater.

Here’s how they go together.

This weekend I decided a few things.

I decided that regardless of what has happened in the past, is happening now or will still happen in the future, I am in fact very happy at the moment. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, I love the country in which I live, I love my home, more than I have loved any other I have owned so far and I love the outdoors lifestyle that I now have.

Why did I suddenly realise this?

We have had some beautiful weather recently. I think summer has arrived. However, the humidity brought a storm break in the weather on Saturday before sunshine was restored today. We usually go out and do something at the weekend. You don’t realise how much of your life is based outdoors till the weather confines you to indoors. We were bored. So we decided to decorate!

We have had our beautiful house just a year, our plans are grand, as is the budget (!) so we will have to do it in small steps. We decided to tackle the main bedroom. It’s a cold room. We thought that it was because there was no insulation in the roof. So we emptied the room, tore down a section of ceiling, and nope, it’s not that. Darn. It must be the windows and patio doors then. Humph. While we had the room in pieces we chose some colours and pulled the old peeling wallpaper off, planning to paint the room a beautiful sunny yellow with contrasting terracotta paintwork. After re-painting and planning a relocation for the old cracked panel heater, we ended up with a lot of displaced furniture created by emptying the room, resulting in a bookcase dumped in the hallway.

This might sound crowded but my hallway is actually really large and my house is all on one level. It actually looks really good, close by to an old antique bureau. I have decided to leave it there. I love books, and I love that I will walk past them many times a day.

Meanwhile the bedroom is coming on brilliantly, now a beautiful sunny shade of yellow. It makes me feel happy and smile just looking at the beautiful warm colour.

We went to buy fixtures and fittings. The shop we went to had a sound system in the doorway that you could choose your song to listen to while you shop.

This is the song my husband chose.

To finish my weekend off I went for a lovely bike ride in the sunshine.

The colour is so bright that with the door ajar it looks like its sun shining inside the room! I can’t wait for it to be finished, so I can take a photo, and wake up each morning in my beautiful new sunny room!

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