Summer Christmas is all wrong!

ChristmasI have been struggling to get seasonal at all since moving to the Southern Hemisphere. I find it all a wee bit odd to be honest, on many levels.

Apart from the craziness that is summer and Christmas in the same sentence, just think for a moment. All merchandise, carols and everything is based on winter, snow, cold, dark, bla bla bla. Now try a Christmas Day forecast of 27 degrees, getting light at 5am and dark well after 10pm. Christmas lights just don’t work!

When I buy cards I make a point of getting true seasonal ones, like deck chairs and flip flops, Santa in his shorts, and so on. It amuses me, so I send those back to England. But you can also buy the regular ones. Why? It won’t snow on Christmas Day? So why do the cards look like that?!

What’s the point of having Christmas lights up anywhere, in my house, or in town. It goes dark way after ten, so I rarely put the Christmas tree lights on at all!

Then you have the traditional Christmas dinner. Roast turkey with the trimmings and pudding with custard is the last thing you want on a hot day. More like a barbecue on the beach! In fact here, the ‘traditional dinner’ is a roast ham and a pavlova. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!

Now if we go back to the seasons for a moment. Here, winter (May – September) feels bleak and really really long. There’s nothing to look forward to, because summer and Christmas all happen at once! At least in Northern Europe one is at one end of the year, and one at the other!

I’m not sure I will ever get used to it down under. My Christmas cheer has simply deserted me!

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