Personal Trainer accreditation here I come!

Personal trainerThe only deadlines I have at the moment are coursework deadlines. I’m almost done with my Personal Trainer qualification, well ahead of the coursework deadline.

Only a couple of assignments left then the practicals. (Anyone local who wants to be in my coursework video in exchange for free PT?)

It has been a really straightforward course, really just a case of gaining the accreditation and I’m already excited and eager to get started. It’s been fascinating reminding myself again all about anatomy and physiology, isn’t it a shame I didn’t discover this interest when I was at college?

I think locals here like the bootcamp style classes rather than 1:1 so now I’m at the interest gathering style. Perhaps I should get my husband to put me through my paces, army style!

I would also quite like to find a way of getting turbo classes going, as well a running group for masters beginner runners. Then there’s always the 12 week bootcamp classes, but I could offer nutrition and mind set too, like an intensive course, mind and body.

I have also been thinking of downloadable training programmes that people could buy, a way to cater for everyone’s budget, no matter how small.

My mind is whirring overtime. So many possibilities.

I would love to hear the thoughts of the readers….

2 Comments on “Personal Trainer accreditation here I come!

  1. Good on you! My thoughts on bootcamp style classes – there’s an over saturation of them at the moment. If you were to do one it would need a significant point of difference. The idea of downloadable programs is great – you can easily cater to a wide range of different people, and offer customization for additional fees. These are only the thoughts and opinions of a mere individual – keep up the enthusiasm!

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