Writing my own book: how do I start?

Book of meThe object of my dejection as mentioned in today’s daily post is probably my autobiography, something that I haven’t even started, let alone finished! The thing is, how do I start?

Many many people say I should write my story. I’m told that I am inspirational. I don’t quite see it like that, I consider myself as ordinary little old me. Anyone could do what I have done, couldn’t they?

So what have I done?

After an ACL rupture ended my rugby playing career, (I wasn’t that good anyway!) I became a referee instead. I was part of the RFU’s very first all female team of three to officiate at an international game.

I was always obese and not in the slightest bit sporty. I lost 4.5 stone and got onto team GB at world level in the sport of triathlon. My mum thought I was joking when I called to tell her.

I have since met other people who have made the team, giving it a go themselves as a direct result of reading my story.

I was faced with a head injury after a cycling accident. I needed major rehab and 3 months off work. I sat on the start line of the triathlon world champs in Beijing just 8 weeks after the accident. I finished in a personal best 17th place.

I remained on the GB team for 5 years until injury forced me to retire. Whilst also racing at international level and working as a full time teacher, I also completed a masters degree. I am the first in the history of my family to hold a degree, never mind a masters degree.

I took up track cycling instead after moving to New Zealand. I collected 3 silver medals at in my first year of track racing.

I also started rowing, just for fun. I had never rowed a boat in my life before. In my novice season as a rower I collected 2 silvers and three golds at national level. The Golds were all in different classes, 8’s, 4’s and singles.


This is just the things that I can think of, off the top of my head. Perhaps I should give it more thought. I’m sure there are more, but I have to think carefully, as all the events seem normal to me, rather than extra ordinary.

Perhaps I should write a book. Thing is, I’m not sure how, or where to start.

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