Living life for the positives

Think positive, be positive, act positive= results.
Think positive, be positive, act positive= results.

A few months ago I decided to make a bold move. I quit my lifelong career of teaching and took a part time low paid job – freeing me up to qualify myself as a spots coach and personal trainer. It wasn’t an easy decision, not because I wasn’t sure, but because it was so huge and life impacting.

I was stepping out of my safety bubble.

I think I need to write myself a list to remind me of all the positives that I have created. Lists are good because the words are there before you in black and white.

So, here’s my list of positives that have come of my huge change.

  • More time to myself
  • Afternoons off
  • Don’t work Fridays
  • Time for training without it impacting on family time
  • Time to do other activities if I chose to, e.g. Tramping
  • Happier
  • Able to study things that interest me
  • A lot lot less work related stress
  • Can get to the shops / pool / gym when other people are still at work!
  • Can choose off peak holidays if I want to

I look at that list and think: life ain’t that bad really, is it? You cannot get time back once it has gone, so we might as well spend it doing something we want to do.

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