Do the same and expect different results?

IMG_6224 I see this so many times. People that always do the same training programme, and wonder why it’s not working any more. People that follow the same ‘diet’ they used last time, and wonder why it (still) doesn’t work.

Exercise is in effect, training our bodies to adapt, and therefore improve. If we keep doing the same training, the body adapts, then nothing new changes, so therefore no new results are seen.

You have heard the saying ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’, right? Well, if it IS broke, why are we NOT fixing it?

Let’s go to another level

I often feel frustrated by…

People who stay in the same job that they hate, and complain about how they hate it. 

People who postulate about how they are jealous of how others live, where others live, or whatever, and do nothing about it.

Anyone who says I wish I could… Or If only I….

The same goes for life as it does for exercise.

We are the creators of our destiny. If you are somewhere you do not like, doing something that you do not like, then that is because YOU chose to be.

I know at least three people who are currently fighting cancer, none of them are that much different in age than me.

Rachel and MelanieOne in particular was, less than 12 months ago, collecting a Gold medal at the European triathlon championships. She carried the Olympic flame in 2012. She never complains, never says I wish I did that, never seeks pity. She goes and gets what she wants and nothing, I mean NOTHING, stands in her way. Any obstacles are merely things indicating she needs to find a new path around.

And this is what everyone should do in life. Accept change accept that there are many paths to your goal and accept that it is YOU That is in charge of your legs carrying you down your chosen path.

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