Chasing my own ass: road ride motivation

Road bike I decided to sqash a ride in after my day long first aid course today. It seemed rude not to, it  had been sun shining all day while I had been inside with rescussie-Annie!

How do I make the most of my limited time, having originally wanted to do a long ride? Work harder in the shorter time that I did have.

It was a southerly wind today, which means cooler, and a head wind all the way back to Wallacetown – a long straight road with no shelter.

Set mini goals

  • Race against your own time targets

I felt good when I set off which did surprise me after a day of sitting listening! So I decided to try and beat myself to the turn off. I knew that a decent speed would get me there in 20 minutes, 25 minutes is taking it steady. I didn’t decide this straight away, so I forgive myself for making it there in 20 minutes. Had I set off from the start with that intention I would have made it in under 20 I think.

  • Use the weather as a motivator

I knew the turn would also mean wind. This can at times affect me by up to 15kmph average. The aim was to minimise the decrease in pace as much as I could. This made me continue to work at a slightly higher work rate than I might have otherwise.

  • Set a final leg time target

From my last turn in Wallacetown to the gate of my house is around ten minutes usually. I disregarded everything external (wind was side/ front now and there were also gravel surface road repairs). My aim was to get from turn to gate in less than ten minutes. (I managed it as well!) I always aim to finish strong.

See the positives

It would be easy for me to look at the overall time and think there was no improvement. But that would be wrong. By breaking the ride into segments and smaller goals, I can come away knowing that my average speed to the first turn was 5kmph/hr faster on average than the last time I went out. I also know that my end and start pace was similar.

Make sure you KNOW what you did well, and set ONE focus goal for your next ride out.

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