Book review: High Altitude by Mike Allsop

Allsop I picked this book up at the annual Rotary club book sale which takes place in the theatre. It’s a massively popular sale because books are really costly here in New Zealand.

This book is a read cover to cover book that you will not be able to put down, once you start reading.

You know you’re in for a treat when a book starts with a prologue that details a dramatic plane crash, where against all odds, Mike survives. What a way to start a book?! How could it possibly get better than that?

Mike is an ordinary guy, who thinks big and dreams big. The last line of the book is

Get out there, be willing to give it a go and push your limits. We are only limited by the limits we set upon ourselves.


He is so right, and this is a mantra he lives his life by. Whether it be scaling Everest (when he has never been climbing before) or running 7 back to back marathons on 7 different continents on seven days, (when he’s never trained to be a runner before), Mike’s sights, ideas and goals are never limited by his thought of ‘I can’t’. Those words are not in his vocabulary.

He simply takes each goal and decides how to actually make it happen.

This book is an honest, unassuming account of some truly incredible things that he has achieved in his life so far. Never does he complain, detail how hard it was, or anything like that. He simply tells his story in a down to earth engaging fast paced way that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

Dream big, plan big and never give up

I love this line. It is so so true, and it is how I intend to live my life from now on.

It seems wrong to have picked this book up on a bargain book sale, because it is a truly inspirational read.

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