Long swim chillax session!

Splash palace
Splash Palace, Invercargill

Today I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the long swim so I set off to the pool without an agenda, to just see how it went.

I usually stand and survey the scene to decide which lane to join. Today there was only 4, because the synchro squad were practising for a ‘Disney on water’ show next week. I opted for the fast lane because the two medium lanes had breast-strokers in them.

The guy in the fast lane was fast, and tumble turning. I did ask and apologise but he assured me it was OK, he was nearly done.

So I set off. I forgot to look at the time on the clock when I started so I just swam. It’s rather therapeutic and I can empty my mind and create stillness. Sounds odd but an athlete will know what I mean! 😀

After a while, a woman got in. She seemed to be roughly the same pace and was hiding on my feet. Wasn’t keen on that so I stopped to adjust my hat so she could go past. After her warm up she began to do sets of speed, different strokes and so on. I just carried on rolling up and down. I was feeling pretty comfortable actually, like I could do this all day!

I soon found out that she wasn’t really one for passing, either that or she didn’t think she had sufficient speed. Ah, who cares, I’m not stopping so she can do what she likes behind me there!

7451797Until, that was, she started doing back stroke. Nope, I didn’t have the same patience so past her I went.

This continued for a time, I have no idea how long, I was still feeling fab. I could even just see the synchro swimmers too – what they get up to UNDER the water is quite amazing!

largeladies400Then quite a large lady got in. She was wearing a big long T shirt over her swimsuit. I’m not usually one to judge but, this is the FAST LANE- erm – really!? I turned out to be right. She was rather slow and rapidly got in my way. That’s OK, we are now practising navigating skills. That’s fine, I can deal with that. So, sneaking up and down in the gaps between her and the oncoming drills swimmer and I carried on. Some speed was needed at times, so it also became a Fartlek session. I didn’t let the fact that the T shirted lady kept setting off just in FRONT of me bother me, I still kept passing instead. The other woman got fed up soon also, and was no longer waiting behind her either.

I got to 152 lengths (3.8km) and was still feeling just fine. So I continued on to 160. I could have in fact continued past that, but I had stuff to do, I couldn’t just swim all day!

When I got out, my lap counter time was reading faster than my usual 3:8km time. It seems today I swam 5-7 minutes faster over 3.8km than usual!

Perhaps I need to chillax and ‘just swim’ a bit more often!


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