My life: Everything created ME

(c) Unique captureSeems like a simple question: who are you? But it is a difficult one to answer in one short(ish) blog post.

Perhaps I need to get started on that book I keep saying I will write. 


I originate from the North of England, from a ‘working class family’. The town from which I originate is now, I am ashamed to say, a BNP stronghold.

What has this done for me?

Made me very anti racist. Made me a hard worker, someone who doesn’t take anything for granted, someone who values help and support from whichever source it comes. Someone who has no preconceptions, friendly, approachable, has the Northern gift of the gab and could have an argument in an empty room!


My parents brought me up in the traditional way, taught me manners, respect, good life principles. They grounded in me the life values that I have today.

They are selfless people. In that way, I never consider anything that I achieve to be out of the ordinary. I just do what I do. I don’t do it for anyone else, I do it for me.


I don’t accept limitations. Perhaps that is the determined focused Irish spirit in me. I like to break the mould. I’m not sure where I got that trait from. As soon as anyone suggests I can’t, I set off to find several ways to prove that I can.

I had a fair chance at life. I made of it what I could. Not everyone gets that chance. That’s why I was a special needs teacher for 17 years.

I have inner focus, self belief, the ability to turn my life around. I now use that to help others do the same.

Who am I?

I am determination and focus
Drive and positiveness.

I am passion and love
strength and hope.

I am fair and just
selfless and passionate.

I am hopeful and caring
I am spirit, I am Me.


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