29 consecutive months: my POSTADAY marathon!

Tick listI wasn’t going to write a daily post response today, well, that was until I saw what today’s daily post was, then I simply HAD to!

The question was how long have you managed to pull off a daily post to your blog. I had to go back to my stats to check this. 29 amazing months of daily posts! That’s AT LEAST 852 daily blogs in a row, to date!

In that time I have negotiated 7 intercontinental flights that travel across time zones and in effect put me out of action for two days each time (I used the post scheduler at these times) and moving not only house, but moving to an entirely different continent on a different hemisphere!

I have had many times when I have had no internet access during these times: libraries, coffee shops and scheduling posts enabled the marathon to continue! I even think ahead if I am going on holiday and know I will be away from Internet access!

I started to ramble, and run out of things to say. So I created a schedule, to help me focus on regular topics.

At the end of 2013 I wondered if I should continue: I thought ah, what the heck. Now blogging has become part of my daily routine. I do still want to include videos more, but still feel a bit dumb ass talking to a camera.

Sometimes I think I have a good topic, it turns out to be a flop. Others I think it’s a boring blog and it ends up being a hit!

Now I have decided to write things based on my own experiences, what I have done and what I have learned. My only agenda is to hope that every visitor takes something away that they have learned, enjoyed, or have been entertained by.

What do you think? I value feedback, it helps me to grow and learn.

Shall I continue a blog a day in 2015?

2 Comments on “29 consecutive months: my POSTADAY marathon!

  1. Congratulations. an amazing effort. I just used the post schedule to keep to my daily blogging traveling from Australia to Canada. I find your blog interest so keep going.

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