The beauty of 50 metres

Splash palace I jumped at the chance to swim in the pool this weekend while the bulk head was open. SUCH A rarity. But it enabled me to focus more on a number of things having a longer length before a turn.

I didn’t realise really what the difference would be. There were a number of things I noticed. With a full 50m uninterrupted, I was able to focus on a particular element of my technique, correct then consolidate before having to turn. Today it was breathing to the right. Lately I have noticed I naturally favour the left side. Today I focused on the right. With one eye always in the water, my aim was to have the same undisturbed water in eyeliner on both sides. So much easier to do when you aren’t interrupted as often with turns!

It also didn’t matter who else was in the lane, because at that length, traffic was never an issue! On Saturday I only had one other in the lane, and no one on Sunday.

The ever changing floor depth gave me something else to focus on too. In shallower water, you naturally feel like you’re going faster, but as I got towards the deep end, not so. I focused on lengthening my stroke, to keep the speed feeling throughout.

On Sunday, I knew my time was limited as I only really had 45 mins between the Championships racing. So this time I focused on as much distance as I could, forcing me to lift the pace just beyond what I thought was ok, and keep it up throughout.

I loved the 50m, it’s just a shame they don’t do it regularly. If you get a chance to visit a 50m pool. Do it. It makes swimming so much more pleasurable.

Lately swimming has become what was my therapeutic mind emptying run, which is nice. I thoroughly enjoy it, but still can’t wait to get outside. SOON I hope!


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