Leftovers: I deserve what is happening to me

I deserve this I always keep a scrap book app on my phone of random blog ideas. Not all are ones I ever revisit. Today’s daily post says we have to revisit one. So here we go.

The line I have picked up from the scrap book ideas today is this:

I deserve everything that is happening to me

What was your automatic thinking? Everything bad? Everything good?

That alone will be a great illustrator of whether you are a glass half empty or glass half full person.

Personally, here is how I see it.

We make our own path, we lay our own road. The hard work you put in reaps rewards. Whether that be study, training, life decisions or whatever. Anything great and good that comes your way wasn’t fluke, it was of your own making.

There is no chance in this world. We make our own luck. It’s up to you to create yours.

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