Chicken chasing on the turbo…

TurboSo, I’m sitting on the turbo, cycling away and minding my own business. The turbo is positioned in the garage next to a window which looks out onto the ‘man cave’ and (empty) aviary. It’s around 3:30pm, but very strong gusty winds so too dangerous to cycle outside.

I glanced out the window, and a chicken was walking past. First reaction was hmm a chicken… Erm OMG a chicken! That only means one thing- it’s escaped! We have four chickens in our chicken run, it’s been a while since one escaped!

So, still in cleats I dive off the bike and go outside to try and catch the blighter. It decides that a game of chase would be quite cool, and runs up and down, round and round a pile of garden waste positioned there for when we hire a skip. It becomes clear that although this is one of our recently rescued battery hens, it’s feeling reasonably nimble this morning!

The chicken decides to make a run for it, but heads down the path into the garden towards the chicken run. The gate is closed, so it goes into blind panic when it gets there and realises it’s cornered! Slow and steady is no way to catch a bird, I quickly learn, you have to match its blind panic and get in there nice and fast with the surprise element!

The other two chickens are standing there observing, looking suitably disgusted with her attempt at an escape, and give her a cuff around the ear as she runs into the coup to safety.

Hang on, two chickens, holy cow, another has also escaped!

image If the other escaped chicken was a person, and the chicken wire was glass, this would be the scene! I couldn’t help but laugh!

Across the end of the coup is chicken wire, and behind that some netting. She had obviously not been as successful as her accomplice and got herself wedged between the two!

Some more flapping later, she too is back where she belongs, with another disgusted look and a cuff around the ear from the remaining two for making such a mess of her escape!

Not exactly how I expected my turbo to go, that’s for sure!

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