Blasting the boundaries: NO LIMITATIONS!

Hump RidgeWhen is the last time you took a risk, and did it pay off? Where do I end with this daily post, Envelope Pushers there’s so many! 

The LAST time I took a risk was walking the hump ridge track at the weekend. If I’m honest, I knew it was not exactly wise, but then, I don’t accept limitations. I was persuaded to get pain killers (which I also don’t agree with) in order to ensure I could make it round without stranding myself up a mountain in the bush. I now need poles to walk out in the bush. I struggle with steps. My balance and mechanical strength is seriously impaired. This knee is gradually getting worse.

It was truly one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Half way through day one, I doubted my ability to complete this more than I ever have with any challenge I have set myself.

When I encountered a flood on day three which meant I would have to make two difficult precarious jumps to avoid a fast flowing river that had burst its banks onto the path, I stood on the bank, and cried. I really was not sure that my damaged knee had what it took to carry me across the two jumps. I was terrified.

But, I made it. I completed the 62km tramp, taking in 1000m ascent and 1000m descent, in three days, to the time schedule we allowed ourselves.

In one sense, I expected that all along. I always do what I set out to do. I have unshakable belief in myself. However I also am aware how difficult it was, how determined I am and how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband who helped me complete it.

Proud, elated, totally amazed.

I am walking proof that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to do.

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