Have courage, it’s the base for everything

IMG_5819 Trust me it’s true. I have just completed the Hump Ridge Track, a 3 day 62km tramp with 1000m of ascending and 1000m of descending. That took all the courage I have.

I learned a few things about myself this weekend. Some I knew, some I didn’t.

  • Because of my degenerative knee problem I now struggle with stairs. Specially steep ones. Why would I have known that before? My house is all on one level, I wouldn’t have known that. It didn’t stop me getting to the top though.
  • I can understand how athletes can push themselves to the point of collapse. I have discovered that I ignore pain so effectively that when I’m directly asked is my knee hurting, I am not actually sure and have to think about it. This enables me to push beyond limits that should be possible, and gives me a strong belief that (almost) anything is possible.
  • When others begin to doubt me, I still have an unshakable belief in myself. My husband wasn’t sure I would make it round the whole track, seeing how much I was struggling on day 1. He said I wouldn’t make it. In a blink of an eye I demanded ‘yes I would!’. It was only after I said that and he walked away that I thought I will need a plan to make that possible.

But that’s ok, anything is possible, if you have courage in yourself.

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