A new slant on Turbo training: leg speed

Suffer!With inclement windy old spring down here (and I mean WINDY!) and dark nights rolling in up there in the Northern hemisphere, we both have a reason to use the turbo. But how about a slightly different attack? I gained this one from trying to emulate the gains of track cycling on the turbo.

As I recently said, speed is better than long slow, if time is of the essence and fat burning is your goal. But, if you have ever tried track cycling (I’m lucky to have an easy access velodrome nearby) you will know that cycling is a whole different ball game when you’re on a single speed!

So, with single speed and sprinting in mind, I did the sufferfest slightly differently.

Either the Revolver or the Violator are good tracks to use, both are sprint orientated. However, this time you’re only going to use one gear. Choose a middle of the road moderately easy gear, one that you can comfortably spin easy.

Follow the track instructions, except for the cadence suggestion. This time, you will spin your legs out (120rpm+) during the sprints, then ease off to an easy 90rpm during the recovery periods.

Rather than just pure power, which grinding a high gear is all about, cycling in this way will also work on your lactic threshold and endurance. Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds, specially if you’re doing 15 x 1 minute in this way (like the Revolver makes you do!) or 64 sprints within the 1 hour, as is required in Violator!

The most I have managed during a 1 min sprint is 145rpm, but trust me, that took some doing! I can also switch the speed up 25-35kmph just by increasing my pedal speed, without changing gear. I’m sure there’s many people out there that can go even better than that.

Let me know how you go!

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